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St Mark's Church - Safeguarding

To Contact St Mark's Church Safeguarding, please email:

or telephone: 07940226337

In the event that you require an urgent response in respect of a safeguarding issue and the above contact is not available please contact the vicar as the next safeguarding contact.

In addition, from the Diocese of Winchester the number for the director for safeguarding and inclusion is 07921865374. This number is regularly checked and available 24/7.

Winchester Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser:    01962 2737317 or 0300 5551373

email address:


In an emergency use the 999 emergency number. If you do you should contact the director for Safeguarding as above as soon as possible.

Other useful local numbers:

Vicar of Woolston Rev Miles Newton:     02380 441124

Stop it now helpline:     0808 1000 900

Childline:     0800 1111

Action on Elder Abuse Helpline:     0808 88088141

National Domestic Violence Helpline:     0800 2000 247

Local Authority Social Services:     02380 833003 / 02380 833004 / 02380 233344

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