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Pictures of Pear Tree Church and the Churchyard

Click on the pictures to zoom in

Chancel 1.jpeg
Angels LHS.jpeg
Altar Angels RHS .JPG
War Memorial 3.jpeg
Organ Large.jpg


Chancel Angels LHS

Chancel Angels RHS

War Memorial


Altar Front 1.jpeg


West Facing Internal 1.JPG

Internal Pic 1

Internal Pic 3.jpeg

Internal Pic 2

Pulpit Large.jpg


Organ Keyboards 2.JPG


Font Large.jpg


Lecturn Large.JPG


Lady Chapel.JPG

Lady Chapel

Church Plan.gif

Church Plan

External Front-East facing 5.JPG

External Pic 1

Peartree drone1.jpeg

Aerial Pic 1

peartree drone3.jpeg

Aerial Pic 2

West Door.JPG

South Door

Richard Parker.JPG

Richard Parker Memorial

World War I Memorial.jpg

World War I Memorial

External West Porch .JPG

West Door

Rosoman Memorial.JPG

Rosoman Memorial

Church North Facing.JPG

External Pic 2

Rosoman Memorial 11 Large.JPG

Rosoman Memorial

External West Facing .JPG

External Pic 3

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